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Gluten Free (and still totally delicious) chocolate cake!

My friend Cathy hosted a girly evening the other night so I offered to make pudding for everyone. One of our lovely friends is allergic to gluten and yeast so we had a bit of a mission on our hands. However, it proved to be a lot easier than I thought. I followed this recipe... BUT made one change. I used Gluten Free plain flour which you can get in the 'Free From' aisle, we went to Sainsburys!  It was great and was very well received by the girls! X Bo


After checking up on a few bits of blog admin, I realised my blog has had over 4000 views which is incredible, humbling and mind blowing so thank you so much for reading and caring!  More exciting Autumnal and Christmassy goodies coming up in the next few months X Bo