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Flapjack. A classic bake. A staple of a British tea room selection. I've eaten more than my fair share over the years and yet the perfect recipe always eluded me. Until now...  After lots of recipe testing and tweaking, I have finally found THE only flapjack recipe you'll ever need! Feel free to jazz it up by adding fruit, seeds or nuts! Or drizzling with chocolate or a yogurt topping. Ingredients for the flapjack: 185g butter 135g golden syrup 135g light brown sugar 375g oats Method: 1. Line a 7 inch square tin with grease proof paper. 2. Combine the butter, sugar and syrup in a large pan and heat gently until everything has melted and mixed together. Add the oats and mix well. 3. Spoon the mixture into the prepare tin and press down. Bake in a preheated oven (160 fan) for about 40 minutes. 4. Once golden, remove from the oven and leave to cool. Cut into pieces and enjoy! 

Gooey Chocolate Puddings

So the cat is out of the bag! Starting on 1st December, I will doing a #12BakesofChristmas series here and over on my Instagram! I will posting a new festive recipe every other day in December, perfect for every occasion! I've been working really hard to prepare lots of festive treats and new ideas for you.  But while you wait for December to arrive, here is a delicious recipe to tide you over! Gooey, melt in the middle chocolate puddings. One of my absolute favourites!  Ingredients: 125g dark chocolate 125g unsalted butter 3 eggs 150g caster sugar 35g plain flour a little butter and flour for the ramekins Method: 1. Put the chocolate and butter in a bowl and suspend over a pan of simmering water. Melt until combined and silky smooth. 2. In another bowl, whisk the eggs, sugar and flour together until just blended. Gradually whisk in the melted chocolate and butter. Put to one side to rest. 3. Grease four ramekins with butter and a little flour, tapping the ramekins to get rid of a

Cheese Biscuits

  This is a recipe I originally found in the Sainsbury's Magazine about 7 or 8 years ago and have slowly adapted over time to suit whatever cheese I had in the fridge. They're a family favourite but I only ever seem to make them around Christmas!  You can use whatever kind of cheese you want! The original recipe calls for 25g grated Parmesan and 100g Stilton. I personally cannot STAND blue cheese so I tend to switch it out for cheddar. For the batch pictured above, I used a blue cheddar for a bit of a compromise. But if you like a mild cheesy flavour, just use a cheddar. Entirely up to you!    Ingredients: 125g plain flour  pinch of Cayenne Pepper  1 tsp light brown sugar  100g butter, cubed  125g cheese, grated  sesame seeds  Method: 1. Put the flour, cayenne pepper and sugar with a pinch of salt in a food processor and blitz. Add butter and blitz until it's all mixed in.  2. Add the cheese and whizz again. Tip onto a floured surface and roll into a log shape.  3. Roll th